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Gwen, Gavin, Garritt, Greylen, Maryellen, Brandon, Jen, Butch, Michael, Clara, Tiffany, Andrew & Ryan Timm, .

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The farm was purchased by Grandfather, Albert Boettcher, in 1908. He built the main barn in 1911 after spending two winters hauling sandstones by team and stone boat from a quarry a mile away. He operated a dairy farm until 1938 when a tornado destroyed the top of the main barn. At that time, Albert and his wife Selma moved to a smaller farm in Augusta selling the original farm to their son, Clarence E. Boettcher. He and his wife, Bernice, operated it as a sheep and poultry farm until 1950 when he again started a Jersey dairy herd that became the mainstay of the farm until it was dispersed in 1972. A lamb feedlot was added to the operation during the late fifties and continued until 1988. A steer feedlot was started in 1963 and continues as part of the operation today. The first registered Polled Hereford arrived in 1966 as an FFA project heifer for Clarence L. “Butch” Boettcher. The first three original heifers all came from Roy and Esther Brenizer of Sterling Polled Herefords. The registered and commercial beef cow herds grew substantially following the sale of the dairy herd. The farm operation was taken over by Butch and Maryellen Boettcher following the death of Clarence E. in 1980. With the help of all four children; Tiffany, Brandon, Garritt, and Michael, the farm became principally a registered seedstock operation selling bulls, replacement females, and finished cattle to document breeding stock performance. A herd of registered Polled Shorthorns was added in 1989. The herds now number 100 brood cows handled in a forage based environment with youngstock developed on home grown forages with limited grain.
Butch and Maryellen operate the home farm. Brandon purchased a neighboring farm in 2002 and operates it along with the home operation. Tiffany & Ryan Timm, Garritt & Gwen Boettcher, and Michael Boettcher have all retained ownership of some of their project cattle and they are integrated into the breeding herd. In August of 2008 the farm was awarded the prestigious of ‘Century Farm’ from Wisconsin Dept of Ag.
The breeding program is focused on producing functionally sound cattle that will efficiently convert low value feeds into high value breeding stock and beef. The breeding herd is handled under commercial cow environmental conditions in an effort to ensure that bulls will perform and produce offspring that will thrive in typical upper Midwestern conditions.
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